Saving Money and Enjoying Live Music Bars

Drinking in bars can be expensive and this can really put a hole in your budget, especially if you are traveling and on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money and still have a great night out. Here are some great ways to save money while enjoying live music:

Look Out for Special Offers

Many bars and other establishments offer happy hours and other special deals to bring in customers. Even if they don’t advertise it clearly, most bars have certain drinks deals that are available to save money. Make sure that you ask the barmaid or barman at the bar about the drinks deals when you arrive and do a little research to find out when the happy hours are at any bar that you have set your sights on.

Ladies Nights

Many bars offer free drinks deals for ladies on certain nights of the week to bring in customers. Although it is only really people of the female sex who are able to take advantage of these deals, with a little creativity, men can also get in on the fun. If you are feeling particularly daring, try dressing up as a lady for the night, or take along a group of your best gal pals and share or split the free drinks between you.

Student Deals

People who hold a valid student card will often find that they can score heavy discounts in certain bars. Look out for bars that advertise this. Also, student unions are also great places to enjoy cheap drinks and you can often indulge even if you are not actually a registered student.

Turn on the Charm

If all else fails, find a friendly local and turn on the charm a little. Be careful not to overdo it if you are intent on leaving the bar alone though, as you could end up with more attention than you intended.