Irish Drinking Songs to Sing Along to

The overwhelming majority of pubs and bars in Ireland offer some kind of music. A large number regularly host live gigs, or impromptu sessions. For anyone who didn’t grow up singing the drinking songs that can frequently be heard in such establishments, it can be difficult to sing along and enjoy the atmosphere fully. With that in mind, the following songs can all be requested without you standing out like a sore thumb. Look up the words and sing along next time you find yourself in the middle of an epic musical drinking session!

* The Rare Old Mountain Dew – A brilliant, lively song: the chorus is easy to diddly along to! A fantastic tribute to moonshine and its healing properties!
* Seven Drunken Nights – The hilarious tale of a drunken man and his adulterous wife. Learning all seven verses will take some time but everyone can sing along with the chorus!
* Whiskey in the Jar – One of the most familiar Irish songs, this was made popular even outside Ireland by none other than Metallica!
* Jug of Punch – Paying tribute to the classic moonshine made from honey, cloves and whiskey, it’s a catchy tune and fun to sing along to.
* Drunken Sailor – Most folk know this lively tune but nailing all the lyrics can be difficult, especially when there are so many different versions.
* Beer, Beer, Beer – Catchy and one to get the crowd going, the chorus is a lot of fun to sing along to.
* Drink it Up Men – A nod to the benefits of drinking stout and definitely one to sing with a pint of Guinness in your hand!
* The Wild Rover – Another one to get the crowd going, the melody is instantly recognisable. A classic drinking song.
* Molly Malone – Most often heard in Dublin pubs, this is the tragic tale of a fishmonger named Molly. Her statue stands at the end of Grafton street, and her ghost still roams the city.