Irish Bars and the Types of Music

Most of the bars in Ireland host live music on different nights of the week. Listening to live music is one of the most popular types of evening entertainment in Ireland. People of all ages can be seen shaking their stuff on the dance floor as the bands play long into the night and this is also a great way to meet new people. Here is an overview of some of the different types of music that you might hear in an Irish bar:

Folk Music

folk-musicThis is the most traditional type of Irish music and features traditional instruments such as violins, fifes and drums. Irish folk music is usually played in country bars throughout Ireland and is particularly popular among the older crowd. Many traditional Irish bars offer folk music in the early evening, as it is a good way to create a lively atmosphere.

Irish Punk

This type of music is much livelier than folk music and is often quite noisy. It is popular with the younger generation of Irish people and offers people the chance to tear up the dance floor and really cut loose. Bands such as The Pogues are famous for playing Irish punk music that tell traditional tales in a very lively way.

Rock Music

This is a very popular type of music with people of all ages. Bars throughout Ireland play an interesting mixture of popular rock classics and their own tunes to keep the crowd entertained.

Jazz and Blues

Both jazz and blues music are very popular in Ireland and this type of music is ideal for people who want to simply sit back with a drink or two. The atmosphere in bars that host jazz and blues music tends to be more relaxed and these are great places for music lovers to meet new people.